Print Shortlink is a survey that is sponsored by Papa Murphy’s Pizza. Papa Murphy’s is a unique pizza parlor in that you visit the store, request a pizza, and instead of having the staff prepare and deliver the pizza to you, you can have them prepare the pizza and then you would take the unbaked pizza home and bake it yourself. The company calls this Take N Bake-style of pizza.

One popular take-home-and-bake pizza at this store is the Murphy’s Combo. This pizza has toppings such as red sauce, salami, pepperoni, black olives, and mushrooms. To fill out the survey, you will need to enter the store number or your zip code. You may also qualify for a prize although your chances are slim since many people enter the drawing.

Beware of Phony Papa Murphy’s Surveys

When you fill out a survey, you have to watch out for phony surveys because these types of companies may collect your personal information to steal your identity. If you received an e-mail linking you to a website that enables you to fill out a’s survey, avoid that e-mail. If a survey website has a logo that is similar to the real company’s logo, you will need to be careful.

Benefits of Filling Out The Survey

One benefit of filling out the survey is that you get to let the company know that you appreciate their services. Or you may decide to complain about your experience at a certain location. Another benefit of filling out the survey is that you can suggest new ideas. For example, if you would like to see more dessert pizzas on the menu to take home and bake, mention this in the survey.

Taking Advantage of The Cash Prize You Won

If you were lucky to receive a coupon or gift card as a prize for filling out the, here are ways to take advantage of sales at Papa Murphy’s. If you received a gift card during football season, the best time to purchase the pizza is on game days because Papa Murphy’s often has many sales during that time.

How Often You Can Fill Out The Survey

You can fill out the survey as often as you like since the company always seeks customers’ opinions on their products and surveys. As long as you are eating at the establishment there will be numerous chances to fill out the survey. offers the chance to let the store know how they are doing regarding the customer service and quality of the pizzas. You want to be sure that you give a fair and honest critique of the store and make sure you answer all questions in order to qualify for the prize. When you fill out the survey, you can suggest new ideas and the company may take your ideas and incorporate them into their operations. Finally, the survey allows you to have a stake in which foods stay and go off the menu.

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